I’ve had enough, today marks the day that I have to get on here and rant. These are a few things have been grinding my gears for a really long time now.
Also, I might offend tonnes of you but this is my blog and I get to voice my opinion on here. I won’t apologise for it.

The following is in no particular order.


2. People that abuse other beings are SCUM!
3. Vaccinate your offspring!
4. Sexism goes both ways, STOP IT!
5. There’s no such thing as homophobia, you’re just an arsehole!
6. Being a shithead to LGBTQ+ folks is unnecessary and WRONG!
6. Separating kids from their parents after crossing an imaginary border, IS WRONG!
7. Telling mentally ill people to get a grip, is not necessary, STOP!
8. Bashing people on the way they choose to dress, is WRONG!
9. If something doesn’t pose a threat to you, stop making negative comments on it!
10. NOT all men/women are the same, so stop saying that. Also gender roles are outdated!
11. Police personell needs to be schooled on the amount of power they have and how NOT TO abuse it.
12. Guns kill people.
13. Think before you speak, ALWAYS!
14. Blaming the victim makes you a right arse and a huge part of the problem.
15. Not wanting kids is just as ok as wanting to have kids.
16. Electric cars are nowhere near as bad for the environment as fossil fuelled cars. Not even if the electricity is produced by a coal mine.
17. Stop ridiculing people for their dietary choices, it’s none of your business.
18. Nipples do not pose a threat, so free them.
19. Yes, getting tattooed does hurt, no I won’t regret them when I’m old.
20. Your body your choices, their bodies their choices.
21. Global warming is REAL.
22. Keep your belief in God, I DO NOT WANT IT!
23. If your motto is: Treat others the way you’d want to be treated.
Don’t just say it LIVE BY IT.

Here you go, only a few things that have been getting me all worked up lately more than ever.

A little update in general:

I’m still really struggling with my mental health and can’t seem to find a therapist that has time or suits my needs.
Moving to Aarau has helped a lot though.
I’ve found a new love, PLANTS.
Makeup is still a passion of mine, just my mind isn’t in the right frame for it currently.
I started bullet journaling.
If you’re curious what I’m up to, I keep my Instagram-stories up to date, so you’ll find me there.

Take care,


Topics I’m passionate about

Hi peeps!

I won’t get into why I’ve been gone I guess you’ll be able to figure that out yourself if you’ve read my last blogpost.

Right, lately I have been confronted with lots of people who have decided to share their ways with me. I’m really happy they have as this has lead me to create a new series on my blog.
The topics these people have approached me with are very likely to get a lot of people to feel extremely butthurt. I won’t apologize for it because if you do get butthurt over these kinds of topics it’s very likely you’re one of the people that think negatively about them.

The topics I’d like to discuss are very dear to my heart and I stand by them 100% and I do in no way falter when people make me feel bad for doing so.

First and foremost, I’m a caucasian, female (by sex and identification) so therefore cisgender & hetero 22 year old HUMAN.

The topics I’ll get into detail about will be:

-maybe there’ll be another miscellaneous one as well

Now that I’ve broken to you what I would like to write about, I would like to tell you what’s going on with the makeup side of things, as that’s why I created this platform in the first place.
Well, if you follow me on Instagram then you’ll have noticed that I A – changed my feed to a layout that is incredibly hard to keep up with and B – have not posted in over a month.
This also means that I have not put on a full beat face in over a month and I miss it terribly. However I cannot keep the theme I currently have going and I feel stupid if I change it YET AGAIN.
I do think I have to do it though as I really want to start posting again but without the pressure of creating 9 pictures for a look rather than just 3.

If you don’t feel comfortable with me blogging about more sensitive topics that’s totally fine by me and you’re welcome to unsubscribe from my newsletter list.
I value the time you spend readying my posts immensely and don’t want you to feel like you wasted you’re time while doing so.
In case you do decide to unsubscribe, thank you for having been here up until now.

This is the end of this totally random post.

Take care,



What’s up?!

Hi you!

Well let’s say I’ve been gone for a long time and it’s getting kind of repetitive saying this at the start of every blogpost.

Let’s get straight to it.

I completed my 100daysofmakeupchallenge on Instagram and was drained. In a good way, but exhausted nonetheless.

After that everything came crashing down, my insomnia hit like never before. The new job I started went to shit and I had to quit, yet again after the 3 month mark. This had me come to the realisation that I’m just not ready to withstand any kind of pressure just yet. That is one frustrating realisation to say the least. The only thing I was ever sure of being wether I was healthy or ot was that I was in fact a reliable person. Well depressionhas gone and taken that away. I’ve been battling depression for more than three years now and am still at the same spot I was in the beginning. If I’m being totally honest I might have even taken a few steps back in the past three months.

My traumas have come to haunt me. Not only do they stop me from falling asleep but they haunt me in my dreams. So, if I am able to fall asleep I’m sure to have a heart stopping nightmare. EACH. AND. EVERY. NIGHT.

You might think, isn’t this a little TMI?!

Well, the one thing I am determined to do is getting rid of the stigma mental illnesses have. It’s nothing less than having a broken leg that stops you from being a mobile as you were before.
Depression can in fact have the exact same effect on you. Not only can it stop you from sleeping, but it can physically paralyse you to the extent that waking up in the morning and starting your day can be the hardest thing you’ve done in a LONG while.

Now that most of what has been happening the past months is out. I want to take the time I need to get back on track. I will be awaiting the birth of the first child of one of my very close friends. He will be who I’m taking care of as soon as she will have finished her maternity leave (3 months in Switzerland). I can’t wait to have the honor to take care of her prescious baby boy and I will do so with passion and dedication. Untill then I will let myself have the time off.

There might or might not be the occasional blogpost.

I’m leaving this here in the hopes you understand.

Take care,


The Androgyny palette tutorial I

Welcome to another step by step post.

This time it is a look using the recently launched Androgyny palette by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. The palette retails for 45$ (US) and contains 10 “neutral” shades.

It was supposed to launch quite a while ago and I didn’t think I was going to get it. His first palette by the name of Beauty Killer, wasn’t my cup of tea at all. But when he revealed the shades of the Androgyny palette I was blown away and got my hands on it as soon as it launched.

I haven’t played around with the bold fun “neutrals” yet so here’s the first look I came up with using this beauty!

Bare face, what else can I say. I just woke up, washed and moisturized my face, had a cup of coffee and here we are.

After getting all that hair out of my face, the first step in my routine is to prime, ALWAYS prime. Especially with my dry skin.
To get rid of by big arse pores I like to use the Smashbox Photo Finish primer and once I’ve applied that I use the NYX cosmetics Angel Veil primer to prime the rest of my skin.

Then let’s carry on by colour correcting. I cannot go without this step anymore. Ever since I started 3 months ago I have loved the results it gives and I can’t see myself ever skipping this step.
I’m currently in love with the L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover palette to correct any redness and the Colourpop lippie stick in Upside Down to counteract my under eye darkness or any other discoloration on my face.

After that I need some glow, so I use the NYX Cosmetics liquid illuminator in Sunbeam to help me out.

Once my face looks like it belongs to a living being I’m gonna apply my foundation cocktail to look like a ghost.
The foundtion that helps me achieve that look is the Perfect Match by L’Oréal (True Match) in the shade 1.5 N Linen mixed with the Becca Cosmetics Backlight Priming Filter.

After bouncing that in with my BeautyBlender I like to apply some of my favourite concealer out there, the Tarte cosmetics Shape Tape. I’ll apply it in all the parts I want to highlight my face or hide any imperfections.

Once I’m done posing like an idiot, I’ll set my whole face using the Wet’n’Wild Coveral powder in the shade Fair/Light.

I’m looking a little flat, so let’s bronze using my favourite bronzer to this day – Hoola by Benefit Cosmetics.

Now let’s all have a little moment of silence for my shattered NYX Cosmetics HD blush in Taupe.

Thank you for your partaking in the mourning of my loss.

Anyway, back to business, let’s bring some colour back to that face, time for blush. I’m using the W7 Double Bubble Blush in OMG.

To make sure my highlight will blind 3-4 people on a daily basis, I like to apply my favourite super shock highlight by Colourpop Cosmetics in the shade Flexitarian as a base for my powder highlight.

Now onto one of my favourite parts, if not my favourite part. THE BROWS! I like mine to be bold and out there so no worries if I look like a maniac for a short amount of time.
I’m loving the Maybelline Browsatin pencil in conjunction with the L’Oréal Brow Artist Plumper at the moment.
If I’m honest, this might be a match made in makeup heaven.

This is the part you’ve probably been waiting for, as it most likely made you click on this post. Let’s dig into the Androgyny palette by Jeffre Star Cosmetics. First up, Safeword, the perfect crease shade for all my fellow fair ladies and gents out there.

After having put that down where it’s supposed to go let’s move on to, Charm.

This warmed up the look quite a bit and it has also defined the crease some more.

Now, next shade. Dominatrix, isn’t only a brown shadow in Jeffree’s line but one of my favourite velour liquid lipsticks of his. Anyway, I’m gonna use the shadow to deepen the outer V and define my lashline.

Frosting is the shade I’ve been most excited about. I’ve seen it swatched, used on Jeffree by LipstickNick and have been dying to use it ever since.

To be quite honest, I expected it to be more “in your face”. Nevertheless it is a really pretty shade and perfect as a shimmery lid colour.

Let’s move on to some lower lash line action, shall we.
Although the name of Military irks me, for private reasons that would be totally out of context if I were to mention them now, I love the colour. I decided to go in with that colour only and none of the crease shades that I used prior on my lid.

That completes the shadow work.
Onto the next part, liner. If you follow my #100daysofmakeupchallenge you’d know of my love for the Colourpop Cosmetics crème gel liners. I’ve used Stomper, Honeydude and Dirty Talk for this look.

Let’s go back to the face for a second. It’s in desperate need for some more highlight. Using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child palette I’ll be able to achieve the highlight I’m going for.

We’re ready for some lip colour. I’ve wanted to stay with the theme of olive green, so I went for Limecrimes velvetine in Trouble.

Last but most definitely not least, mascara. My favourite The Super Sizer by Covergirl on my top lashes and the Perversion mascara by Urban Decay on my lower lashes.

Let me change into something that’ll suit the look.

There we are.

Quick close up on the eyes:

Soooo, I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial using the Androgyny palette by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I’m planing on doing another one using the bolder “neutrals” soon, so stay tuned.

Take care,


Current focus & what’s to come!

Hi my lovely people!

I’m in a absolute Instagram bubble at the moment. Everything I seem to think about when it comes to makeup revolves around posting my looks on there. I have been doing so ever since New Year’s Eve and have been enjoying it.

However, I have been buying makeup as per usual and have extended my liquid lipstick collection with two new formulas. Which means, I will be swatching and reviewing them on here very soon. I can’t wait!
For those of you who have been here since I did my liquid lipstick collection series, I’m sorry to bring it back again but it’s only two posts and maybe you’ll enjoy them?!

I’m also planing on taking pictures of the makeup looks I create on a daily basis and create step by step tutorial in a blogpost format for you, as I have done twice already.

On another note, I’m starting a new job as of February. I will be slightly busy/tired in the first few weeks but I’ll try my hardest to keep creating and posting on here.
You might not know, but I have had quite a long time out on the work front due to my depression. I did however choose to accept this part time job alongside my work as a nanny. Although I still have a HUGE amount of recovering and therapy to go through to get a 100% healthy. I’m gonna give it a good shot and try my best to get back into the swing of things.
I currently work for a family as a nanny on Tuesday and Friday evening and in February I will be working at a daycare on Wednesday and Friday throughout the day.
I have worked there before as a helper, I covered the shifts of people that were either sick or on holiday. Now I will be co-leading a whole day care group alongside with someone and my best friend works in the same facility with another group of kids. I’m excited to see what this opportunity has in store for me.

Enough of the boring life babble!

Have some gorgeous pictures of the swiss scenery:



I’ll be back with lots of makeup related posts and am aiming on going drugstore shopping towards the end of February and get my hands on some newer products!

I’ll talk to you soon.

Take care,


Starting 2017 off the right way

Hello everyone 🙂

I wanted to share my last few days with you, as they’ve been filled with lots of inspiration.

Somehow I have been so inspired and I think it is because I have been trying to be myself for the past few weeks. Not only with friends and family but especially with myself.

As I have mentioned in my first blogpost ever, introducing my blog, I mentioned that I have major confidence issues and never really known how to love myself.
Well those two things go hand in hand with my depression that I’ve had for more than 3 years now. Listen, I’m not writing this to get you to pity me or feel sorry. I’m just trying to tell you what I have been changing and that it seems to be working, especially for my creativity & inspiration.

Just before the new year started I told my boyfriend and a close friend of his, that I want to be myself in 2017. Regardless of what anyone thinks and wether it might get me in awkward situations or not. Somehow I have been sticking to that subconciously ever since and it’s made a huge difference already.
There’s this motivational quote everbody likes to recite:

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

I don’t think there could be any more truth to it than there already is!

A very good friend of mine has said this to me in a joking way once, just to let me know what she thinks of me. I know she meant it and the more I thought about it, the more it sunk in and made me realise that I am of worth even if I don’t believe it just yet.

However it has been paying off so far. I have been more creative in the past few days than in the last year in total. I usually love my neutral shadows and they’re even better paired with a nude lip. Although I own a gazillion shadows, I haven’t been as keen on using the fun out there ones as much as my neutrals in the past year. Well, let me tell you that changed on New Year’s Eve…

 This was the look I created and I was floored by the outpour of love on all the platforms I shared it on. This probably fuelled my creative fire even more!

It resulted in this yellow graphic inner corner look with a berry lip. As if that wasn’t enough colour for the whole year I got even more inspired and went all out on the bold colours the next day.

As you may have guessed if you’ve read my blog or followed me on IG, I love red and just had to bust out all the red shadows and bathe myself in them!

As I mentioned in my last step by step tutorial that I posted recently I got the Sony a5100 and all the pictures above were taken with that. So far, EXTREMELY impressed by the quality. If it keepa on performing that well, it might change the way I post on IG an here. It made the tutorial so easy and I enjoyed shooting it, which I’m usually not s big fan of as the pictures used to turn out awful.

I’ll probably write a review on the camera, just not yet, as it’s too good to be true, I’m kind of still waiting for it to fail me… I hope I’m not the only one whi gets thise feelings 😂

Thoughts on Christmas

Hey guys!

Right, I’m just working on getting the last few pictures taken to put up my makeup look using all KylieCosmetics Holiday Collection products, I’ll post it soon, no worries.

To save you some time waiting, here’s a picture of an eye look I did using the Kyliner in Snow and her crème shadow in Yellow Gold.


This look was part of my collaboration with Sammy from beautybysammy411 on Instagram.
We got in contact on a facebook group and decided to collab on two christmassy makeup looks. First one being a wearable version which is up on my Instagram and the second one being a bold more out there look, which was represented by the white liner look over on my end.
Sammy is incredibly talented, she really knows how to get that winged liner popping and is overall just extremely talented in the department of makeup artistry. I highly encourage you to give her a follow and get inspired by her looks.
I want to thank her yet again for the lovely experience I was able to have thanks to her. Coming up with the ideas inspired me immensely and fuelled my creative fire towards the end of the year. On top of that she was  incredibly patient with me and waited up for me to post my shit tonne of flatlays before being able to post the collab pictures.
What a great creative end to a year :).

Other than that I just want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and hope you can spend the holidays with people you love and show them how much you cherish them in any way possible.
For those of you who do not celebrate I hope have a lovely few days off and enjoy it.

Last but not least thank you for making my blog what it is.
Even though we might not communicate in the comments yet, I’m so appreciative of every single person who gets lost on the internet and ends up on my blog. I really enjoy writing and creating the post and love to share my passion for all things beauty with you.
I will keep them coming in the new year, maybe even in a scheduled manner ;).

Happy holidays and take care,


Where I’ve been…

HEY guys!

I stopped posting for a while. Unfortunately the reason is my skin, I don’t exactly know what’s wrong with it but it’s impossible to wear makeup for the time being.
I’m coming from a very privileged point here, I’ve never had any skin issues in the form of spots or impurities. This time around though, I do. I’ve been having the worst breakouts on my chin for more than a month now… Being myself, I obviously tried to wear makeup anyways but it made it twice as bad.

You might be thinking, I could still do my liquid lipstick posts. I wish I did. After my last post my hand got a major rash from the rubbing and washing off I had done. The rash has disappeared but my skin condition that makes me go red under the slightest touch has been going haywire. As of this week I’m trying to get back into my makeup game and thought I’d update you in this small blogpost.

It’s also been my birthday on the 12th of November and there have been lots of changes in my worklife. I might update you on those sometime soon.

I wondered, could you let me know wether you still enjoy the liquid lipstick posts?

I’ve still got some brands to cover so I thought I’d ask you wether you’re still interested or you’d rather I post about something else.

Today KylieCosmetics are launching their holiday collection and I’m really hoping to get my hands on the whole thing. If I do I will make sure to write a blogpost about it once I get it and one a few weeks later. Once I’ve tried all the products I’ll give you a little review and some inspiration for looks you could do with the products.

I’m also thinking of doing another blogpost with step by step photos of my go to autumn makeup using the burgundy palette by KylieCosmetics, including a few different lip options.

I really hope you understand me being MIA lately, I’m coming back tough.

Take care,


LUSH Christmas 2016


As my last post was about the halloween collection and LUSH is most known for their Christmas products and I own some of this years collection, I thought, why not share it with you!

First up is Bubbly shower gel a new addition to the LUSH family this year. It screams anything but Christmas, apart from the name, which reminds me of champagne. This shower gel is a very fruity fresh one. It contains fresh grape juice, orange and lime oil which makes such a uplifting scent. I can’t wait to crack open the bubbly ;)!


The other two shower gels  are BIG customer favourites and if they wouldn’t bring it back, the world would probably end for a lot of LUSH fans.
Snow Fairy which is a sweet candyfloss scented one and a LUSH signature scent on top of that and Rose Jam which is bulk bought by tons of people! I really like both of them, but more so Rose Jam as it’s a very warm scent and Snow Fairy is sooooo sweet that it can be overpowering.



Let’s get to the bathtub ingredients!
I’ll start with So White bath bomb, this one is a very fresh, apple scented one. This year it looks a little different but the scent is still as intriguing to me as it was last year. Again this one makes me think of anything but Christmas but I’m totally fine with that. I recommend it to anyone who likes apples or really fresh simple scents.


Another really fresh scented bath bomb is Satsuma. It smells of freshly pressed orange juice and has a lovely orange colour to it. In my eyes this is an absolute must have as it’s nothing like any of the other fruity fresh bath bombs.


Mistletoe is a new LUSH creation and I can’t quite compare the scent to anything. It’s a very smokey but sweet scent, I guess the combination of vetivert and ylang ylang oil is what makes this bath bombs so special. I have to be honest, at first the scent put me off but now after getting used to it, I really love it and wish they’d come out with more smokey/sweet scents.


For all the “Honey I washed the kids” scent family fans, Shoot for the Stars is one for you. Even though if you’re a true fan you’d already know that. It’s not only a returning scent but a returning bath bomb as well.
This time around it looks different though, a vibrant blue bath bomb with three golden stars made out of cocoa butter, is what will be expecting you. So get ready to be wrapped up in waring bergamot and honey smell that will leave you moisturized thanks to the cocoa butter stars. Very christmassy indeed.


Ever seen the Northern Lights? No? Me neither, apart from in the bathtub and LUSH’s got exactly that for you! I missed out on this one and was devastated and when I heard it would come back this year, I died a little and got myself 4 in my first order.
They’re so beautiful that I don’t want to use them at all…  But if you’ve ever seen a video of it fizzing away, then you know I will have to, it’s just to pretty not to. Aside from it being stunning it smells very florally fresh and I like that! Not really christmassy though in case that’s what you’re looking for.


Father Christmas is yet another returning bath bomb and I’m happy it is. The little father Christmas face is really adorable and it smells florally sweet which actually does remind me of a pre Christmas morning.
It does also have colourful surprises inside, this makes taking a bath even more exciting. So if you are into Christmas and things looking and smelling christmassy this one’s for you!


Golden Wonder is by far my favourite Christmas bath bomb! Not necessarily because it smells christmassy but because it is the most surprising/stunning one in my opinion.
It looks quite plain and boring when you look at it, but as soon as it hits the water it becomes the most colourful explosion. You wouldn’t expect that when looking at it. It has orange and lime oil inside which makes it smell very fresh and zesty, the cognac oil makes it have a special twist. I really love these kind of smells and I don’t mind it that they don’t remind me of Christmas.


The Luxury Lush Pud is another returning Christmas product. To be very honest, I don’t like the smell, the tonka inside products hardly never works for me.
It does however look very impressing and is the perfect bath bomb for people who like it colourful, not only on the inside. It’s a warm sweet scent that will for sure make you think and feel christmassy.


Never mind the Ballistics is a new invention. For those of you who shop LUSH Kitchen products probably know the Roller bath bomb. It is a VERY VERY popular product, as it isn’t only a bath bomb but a bathmelt as well. Same goes for Never mind the Ballistics, the pink part is a bathmelt which covers one half of the bath bomb. It is a very fresh scent, as it has lime and sweet wild orange oil in it, combined with fresh bananas which give the smell a lovely twist. So this bath bomb/melt doesn’t only leave you uplifted and feeling fresh but it also conditions your skin with cocoa butter. This is one of my favourite new releases this year.
By the way, if anyone is a magician and knows how to get a hold of that Roller bath bomb from the LUSH Kitchen, please tell me. I can’t seem to purchase any, as they sell out in a second!


Star Dust is probably the perfect bath bomb for people who like baths but don’t want any colour/glitter or any action for that matter. The scent also isn’t overpowering but leaves you smelling of subtle vanilla and rosewood. So if your mum likes to take baths but doesn’t like LUSH scents, like mine, get her this one, she’ll like it.


Another bath bomb suitable for mums like mine, is, Butterbear. It’s a cute little bear that smells of ylang ylang and cocoa. It also doesn’t involve any “party” aspects such as glitter or colour. On top of all those things it conditions your skin with cocoa butter, so what more could you want in life. Sound like a real winner!

There of course are bath ingredients other than bath bombs, let’s talk bubble bars.

The Snow Fairy scent is not only in a shower gel there are also two bubble bars with the same scent. The first one being, Candy Mountain which is exactly what the name says, a mountain that smells like candy. Magic Wand is also a bubble bar, the only difference is, that it’s on a stick, this makes it much easier to reuse it, you just dip and swirl it inside the water and it creates lots of bubbles.



Jester is also a reusable bubble bar and smells just like Brightside which is one of my favourite regular bubble bars. It’s very fresh and zesty, all the good citrus fruit that will brighten your day. Jester is a very cute version of that scent and I will for sure buy myself some more!


Last but not least on the reusable bubble bar front is Santasaurus. YES, trust LUSH to make anything christmassy, even dinosaurs. This little guy looks very adorable and has a little Christmas hat on. He’s part of the “Honey I washed the kids” scent family and will be a very good match with the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb or any scent related product really.


This one is very high up on the cuteness meter and it’s name is, Peeping Santa. Even the name for it is cute and it describes it perfectly. It smells florally fresh and moisturizes the skin with shea butter. The scent won’t make you think of Christmas but believe me the looks will!


Whoever likes The Olive Branch shower gel will love this little fella. Christmas Penguin is a very cute version of this famous scent.
Pop in the Bath, which is a regular bubble bar from LUSH has the same scent as this and will NOT be discontinued. They announced  that they will to discontinue a few products and the community was so disappointed that they wanted to get rid of Pop in the Bath that LUSH had to keep it.
For those of you who don’t know what it smells like. It’s a fresh but soothing mandarine scent with a bunch of extra virgin olive oil which will condition your skin. The favourite of many people, including myself.


On another note, LUSH does pay tribute to well known people and lots of very important topics. For example the “Gay is ok” campaign which celebrated the marriage equality in the US and carried on the conversation LGBTQ+ rights.

As some of you might know David Bowie, a musical icon, died on the 10th of January 2016. LUSH pays tribute to him by making Snowie a part of this years Christmas range.
I already bought some but will for sure buy some more, not only because I don’t know when it’ll be coming back but because it smells divine. It has that fresh cotton smell which gives you a squeaky clean feeling once you get out. Also Bowie was a big inspiration and I adore his music and am thankful for his actions of breaking stereotypes!


LUSH has it all covered, even for the little Cinderellas out there! Even though it might not be translucent, Ruby Red Slipper is the perfect bubble bar for the girly girls and shoe addicts of all genders. It’s also a christmassy red and smells of a ginormous bouquet of flowers.
What more could anyone want in life?


So much for all the bubble bars of this years Christmas collection.

There’s more!

One of the most popular products from LUSH is the body conditioner. The formula is just GENIUS! Perfect for all the lazy people out there, or the ones that need it done all at once and in the same place, to be honest, anyone really! Some people might know the formula from other brands even though it’s a LUSH invention.
You essentially put it on after you cleaned yourself with shower gel. Jut smooth it over your skin as if you were moisturizing in the shower, which you are, just not outside of it. Then you rinse it off and TADAA, you’re clean and moisturized, without any of the greasy, tacky feeling. This means you can hop into those jeans right away!

Last Christmas they came out with the perfect body conditioner for me and because LUSH is clever, they brought it back this year. Christingle is a incredibly minty version of it. Anyone who loves mint, HAS to try this, I can’t stress enough how cool,;), this product is. What I do not understand is, why they didn’t release it in the middle of summer.
It cools you down so much, that in winter you’ll literally shiver if you head out right after showering. In summer however it makes for a great mobile AC.
It’s also got a very pretty shade of blue, you should really give it a go!

FullSizeRender Kopie 3.jpg

There is also a Snow Fairy version of the body conditioner which will cater to the needs of all the die hard snow fairy fans. It is a lovely pink shade and has that candyfloss scent which will make people crave sweets when you’re around.


You might have gathered that I really like lip products, I am a lipstick junkie. For them to look pretty on my lips, I need to exfoliate regularly. LUSH makes this task very easy and incredibly tasty. Lots of people get hungry when they enter a LUSH store as everything looks edible. The lip scrubs, are, even though it’s hard to believe as they’re usually very colourful.
This Christmas season they brought out a brand new one by the name of Sugar Plum Fairy. It shares it scent with The Comforter bubble bar/shower cream. There is also a matching lip tint but I do not own that one.


Reindeer Rock is one of the exclusive Christmas soaps. I still have a piece from last year so I won’t buy one this year.
It smells berry fresh and I would suggest you get a piece as it’s a way handier shape this year. There is also not only a pice of a reindeer on it but a whole reindeer on a blue background, plus it is shaped like a rock.


I am for sure getting a piece of the Snowcastle soap as it smells a lot like the “Rose Jam” scent family and I really enjoy that.

Other than that, you have reached the end of this blogpost about a fraction of the LUSH Christmas collection 2016.
There are a ton more products and I don’t own those, can you believe it?!

I’d highly suggest you go and have a sniff or two of the products mentioned above. Wether you’re going to get some for yourself (which in my opinion you should), LUSH has some of the greatest gift sets out there. I’m sure you’ll find something and will be able to tick off some presents off your Christmas list.

Take care,


LUSH Halloween 2016

Hello everybody!

So for a little change I thought why not talk about one of my favourite brands, LUSH!

As some of you may know they release new products and limited ones for halloween and christmas every single year. Me being the addict I am, know and own all of them… But that’s not what we’re trying to talk about today.

This year they brought out some new products and they are simply GORGEOUS.
You might think I’m biased? Yes, I might be a tiny bit because LUSH can do no wrong with me but maybe you want to read about my thoughts anyways?

Let’s start off with the ones that have come out already last year or sometime in the past.

A loved and returning bath bomb by the name of Lord of Misrule is a big time favourite of many LUSH lovers.
It’s got a green exterior and once dissolved reveals a wine coloured interior. It’s got a very herbal smell to it and features one of my favourite ingredients that LUSH uses, which is patchouli! They also add in black pepper oil for good measure.
So, all in all this bath bomb is an absolute must have if you like a colourful, patcouli smelling bath. Also this time around they added a little star indentation on the bath bomb which makes it look even better!


In the same scent family as the bath bomb is Lord of Misrule shower cream.
It however has vanilla absolue in it to add some sweetness, even though it doesn’t change the scent very much in my eyes. Either way it is a fun alternative if you do not have a bathtub at home but would like to experience this signature halloween scent anyways. The colour might not change as you use it but the green is a very vibrant one and fits the season perfectly.


Next for some lovely bubbles, Sparkly Pumpkin is here to help you with that. It also REALLY sparkles up your life! The scent is very uplifting and citrusy, right up my alley. It features juniperberry, lime and grapefruit oil which finally form into the fresh scent it has. If you belong to the group of people that don’t want their pleasure to have bad effects on your surroundings, do not worry!
All the sparkle is environment friendly as it’s mostly made out agar agar which is essentially algae. They make their sparkle out of other ingredients as well but all of them do not harm the ECO-system.


This year they brought out three new bath bombs.

First one being Monster’s Ball, which is the cutest of them all. As the name suggests, it is a tiny one eyed purple monster. It’s scent is a mix of lime and neroli, as a little bonus to condition your skin the eye is made out of cocoa butter. In my opinion it’s worth it only because it looks like the cutest thing EVER!


The second new bath bomb is Pumpkin. It looks like a jack o’lantern and is a bright orange, also very high up in the cuteness ranking. The smell however, even though I prefer lighter ones, is very intriguing. It’s a mix of pimento berry oil and vanilla absolue, which makes it small like someone is getting ready to bake a semi christmassy treat. Exactly that makes it perfect to use close to christmas time to get you in the mood.


Last but not least, the third new bath bomb, which I’m actually really hoping they’ll keep it as a regular product. It’s Autumn Leaf, the name by itself already screams my name, it might sound very cliche, autumn is my favourite time of year!
For those who know me personally, no, not only because I was born then but because it is beautifully colourful, not too warm nor too cold and the air is never crisper than in the midst of autumn.
Now that we’ve got my little love letter to the best season ever out of the way let’s talk about the matching bath bomb.
It contains sandelwood, bergamot and neroli oil, japanese maple map is also added in to make it smell like pure autumn goodness. It’s a very woodsy smell which I really like. The colours are the total opposite of woodsy. Green, yellow and orange make it look like autumn exploded in your bathtub.
In other words PURE HEAVEN!


The last halloween bath ingredient is Boo.
He (yes to me he is a boy) is a bath melt with a little twist. He doesn’t just smell very floral, condition your skin with cocoa butter but he also creates bubbles if you put him under the tap while running your bath. For those of you that are familiar with the LUSH Kitchen scents, this little guy smells just like the Ginger range.


The one product I do not own is Goth Fairy the new glittery massage bar they brought out. I did however take a good sniff at the store. It smells citrusy and has lots of sparkle to it. Apart from it being too glittery for me it’s really small and a little too pricey in my eyes. It does however have a lot of great ingredients like almond oil and illipe butter that condition your skin tot he max.

The two soaps are both new creations and to die for!
Magic Wand is a yellow/orange marbled soap in a black coat and it smells like real magic. The tangerine oil and pomegranate molasses give it a sweet but fresh scent in a very unique way. Definitely my favourite soap in this range.


Fireside is the second soap and looks like a little flame trapped in a red coat. A mixture of clove bud and pimento berry oil with a little vanilla absolue makes it smell like you have a little fire in your handy. Very smoky with a tiny bit of sweetness. I do not own a piece of it just yet but I might just feel fancy and get some.

There of course are some gift set as well that you could get somebody who really loves halloween or just really likes LUSH.

I’ll be back with a liquid lipstick post ASAP, you could help me by commenting which of the following brands you’d like to see next:

Aboni Cosmetics
Beauty Bakerie
Cryptic Cosmetics
Ofra Cosmetics

Thanks for the help and take care,