Topics I’m passionate about

Hi peeps!

I won’t get into why I’ve been gone I guess you’ll be able to figure that out yourself if you’ve read my last blogpost.

Right, lately I have been confronted with lots of people who have decided to share their ways with me. I’m really happy they have as this has lead me to create a new series on my blog.
The topics these people have approached me with are very likely to get a lot of people to feel extremely butthurt. I won’t apologize for it because if you do get butthurt over these kinds of topics it’s very likely you’re one of the people that think negatively about them.

The topics I’d like to discuss are very dear to my heart and I stand by them 100% and I do in no way falter when people make me feel bad for doing so.

First and foremost, I’m a caucasian, female (by sex and identification) so therefore cisgender & hetero 22 year old HUMAN.

The topics I’ll get into detail about will be:

-maybe there’ll be another miscellaneous one as well

Now that I’ve broken to you what I would like to write about, I would like to tell you what’s going on with the makeup side of things, as that’s why I created this platform in the first place.
Well, if you follow me on InstagramΒ then you’ll have noticed that I A – changed my feed to a layout that is incredibly hard to keep up with and B – have not posted in over a month.
This also means that I have not put on a full beat face in over a month and I miss it terribly. However I cannot keep the theme I currently have going and I feel stupid if I change it YET AGAIN.
I do think I have to do it though as I really want to start posting again but without the pressure of creating 9 pictures for a look rather than just 3.

If you don’t feel comfortable with me blogging about more sensitive topics that’s totally fine by me and you’re welcome to unsubscribe from my newsletter list.
I value the time you spend readying my posts immensely and don’t want you to feel like you wasted you’re time while doing so.
In case you do decide to unsubscribe, thank you for having been here up until now.

This is the end of this totally random post.

Take care,



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