The Androgyny palette tutorial I

Welcome to another step by step post.

This time it is a look using the recently launched Androgyny palette by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. The palette retails for 45$ (US) and contains 10 “neutral” shades.

It was supposed to launch quite a while ago and I didn’t think I was going to get it. His first palette by the name of Beauty Killer, wasn’t my cup of tea at all. But when he revealed the shades of the Androgyny palette I was blown away and got my hands on it as soon as it launched.

I haven’t played around with the bold fun “neutrals” yet so here’s the first look I came up with using this beauty!

Bare face, what else can I say. I just woke up, washed and moisturized my face, had a cup of coffee and here we are.

After getting all that hair out of my face, the first step in my routine is to prime, ALWAYS prime. Especially with my dry skin.
To get rid of by big arse pores I like to use the Smashbox Photo Finish primer and once I’ve applied that I use the NYX cosmetics Angel Veil primer to prime the rest of my skin.

Then let’s carry on by colour correcting. I cannot go without this step anymore. Ever since I started 3 months ago I have loved the results it gives and I can’t see myself ever skipping this step.
I’m currently in love with the L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover palette to correct any redness and the Colourpop lippie stick in Upside Down to counteract my under eye darkness or any other discoloration on my face.

After that I need some glow, so I use the NYX Cosmetics liquid illuminator in Sunbeam to help me out.

Once my face looks like it belongs to a living being I’m gonna apply my foundation cocktail to look like a ghost.
The foundtion that helps me achieve that look is the Perfect Match by L’Oréal (True Match) in the shade 1.5 N Linen mixed with the Becca Cosmetics Backlight Priming Filter.

After bouncing that in with my BeautyBlender I like to apply some of my favourite concealer out there, the Tarte cosmetics Shape Tape. I’ll apply it in all the parts I want to highlight my face or hide any imperfections.

Once I’m done posing like an idiot, I’ll set my whole face using the Wet’n’Wild Coveral powder in the shade Fair/Light.

I’m looking a little flat, so let’s bronze using my favourite bronzer to this day – Hoola by Benefit Cosmetics.

Now let’s all have a little moment of silence for my shattered NYX Cosmetics HD blush in Taupe.

Thank you for your partaking in the mourning of my loss.

Anyway, back to business, let’s bring some colour back to that face, time for blush. I’m using the W7 Double Bubble Blush in OMG.

To make sure my highlight will blind 3-4 people on a daily basis, I like to apply my favourite super shock highlight by Colourpop Cosmetics in the shade Flexitarian as a base for my powder highlight.

Now onto one of my favourite parts, if not my favourite part. THE BROWS! I like mine to be bold and out there so no worries if I look like a maniac for a short amount of time.
I’m loving the Maybelline Browsatin pencil in conjunction with the L’Oréal Brow Artist Plumper at the moment.
If I’m honest, this might be a match made in makeup heaven.

This is the part you’ve probably been waiting for, as it most likely made you click on this post. Let’s dig into the Androgyny palette by Jeffre Star Cosmetics. First up, Safeword, the perfect crease shade for all my fellow fair ladies and gents out there.

After having put that down where it’s supposed to go let’s move on to, Charm.

This warmed up the look quite a bit and it has also defined the crease some more.

Now, next shade. Dominatrix, isn’t only a brown shadow in Jeffree’s line but one of my favourite velour liquid lipsticks of his. Anyway, I’m gonna use the shadow to deepen the outer V and define my lashline.

Frosting is the shade I’ve been most excited about. I’ve seen it swatched, used on Jeffree by LipstickNick and have been dying to use it ever since.

To be quite honest, I expected it to be more “in your face”. Nevertheless it is a really pretty shade and perfect as a shimmery lid colour.

Let’s move on to some lower lash line action, shall we.
Although the name of Military irks me, for private reasons that would be totally out of context if I were to mention them now, I love the colour. I decided to go in with that colour only and none of the crease shades that I used prior on my lid.

That completes the shadow work.
Onto the next part, liner. If you follow my #100daysofmakeupchallenge you’d know of my love for the Colourpop Cosmetics crème gel liners. I’ve used Stomper, Honeydude and Dirty Talk for this look.

Let’s go back to the face for a second. It’s in desperate need for some more highlight. Using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child palette I’ll be able to achieve the highlight I’m going for.

We’re ready for some lip colour. I’ve wanted to stay with the theme of olive green, so I went for Limecrimes velvetine in Trouble.

Last but most definitely not least, mascara. My favourite The Super Sizer by Covergirl on my top lashes and the Perversion mascara by Urban Decay on my lower lashes.

Let me change into something that’ll suit the look.

There we are.

Quick close up on the eyes:

Soooo, I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial using the Androgyny palette by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I’m planing on doing another one using the bolder “neutrals” soon, so stay tuned.

Take care,


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