Colourpop appreciation post

Greetings 😀

When it comes to eyeshadows I like them to be pigmented, easy to blend, colourful and affordable.
Well Colourpop has gone and done it AGAIN!
Not only are they one of my favourite brands in terms of products but especially when it comes to new releases.
They recently launched their pressed powder shadows and as I am a makeup addicted human being, I got my hands on all of them ASAP.

Each shade retails for 5$ (US), currently you will get a free empty magnetic palette that fits 4 shades, per 4 shades purchased. You also get free shipping on international orders 50$ (US) and over, so you can go all sorts of makeup crazy ;).

Right, you’re probably wondering wether I was dissapointed with the formula and regretted my purchase or wether the total opposite was the case.
If you’ve been a reader for a while now, you know that the later is correct.
Although they do have a lot of kick-off when dipping in your brush, they are pigmented, opaque, blendable and  they have a huge array of colours.

I would recommend them to you if you are looking to try some new fun colours and aren’t ready to spend loads of money on that. I would also suggest getting some if you are in love with makeup and enjoy getting great quality shadows once in a while.

All in all, get themè They’re amazing and I reach for them WAAAAAY too much!

I have organised mine into:

Matte shades…


Made to Last          Bel Air          Fire Fly          Locked and Loaded          Hear me out
I owe You          Running late          Note to Self          Paper Tiger          Wake up Call


Bouquet Toss          Outta Luck          Say I do          The News          Dreamboat


Cute Alert          Get out          Stay Golden          Going Steady          Making Moves
Popular Demand          Top Notch          Criss Cross          Flower Boy          Wait for it


Lost and Found           Take the Lead          Checkmate          Silver Lining
Piece of Cake          Team Captain          Cloud Nine          143

Shimmery shades…


Play by Play          Come and get it          Time out          Pep Talk          Liar, Liar
Just in Time       Save it for Later       You know the Drill       Take it Slow       Let me explain


Game Changer          Up and Up          Sideline          High Strung          Two Much
Goody Two-Shoes          Backseat          Pinky Promise          Double Date           Pretty Cruel

As I told you in the beginning the palette will fit 4 shades if you use it as it comes BUT if you’d like to put in more than just 4 shades like me, I’ll let you in on my secret.

On the day my order arrived I was struck by a bolt of creative lightning. I thought to myself, I have so many shades and not enough room for them in my other magnetic palettes. As I didn’t have to pay anything for the palette that was sent due to the deal they’ve got going on, I decided to go forward with my destructive little plan.
It turned out to be a huge success and I have shared it on various different platforms so far. All my fellow makeup addicts really loved the idea and I realised that I hadn’t shared it with my lovely blog family yet. So, here you are, I hope you can apply it to the Colourpop palettes already in your possession, or the ones you will own in the future.

Talk to you soon!

Take care,


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