“Drugstore” haul


So without starting like I usually do when I’ve been gone for a while, let’s dig in.

I was roaming around the shops with a very good friend of mine and she suggested we go into our swiss version of a “drugstore”. I obviously didn’t want to let her down by saying no 😉 which ended in me saying yes and spending way too much money on makeup.

I’m not sure wether this brand is available that widely in other countries but over here you can get a hold of BronxColors at pretty much every slightly bigger “drugstore”. They have brought out some new products that I haven’t seen before, which obviously led me to swatch en try out all of them.

I immediately fell in love with their Urban Line beauty stamp & eyeliner, which is basically a felt-tip liner an a beauty stamp. I got the one with their logo which is also the female gender symbol. My friend was impressed by the swatch and also got her hands on one.

The next booth I’d actually never seen before was the one by Benecos, my friend asked me for some advice on a brow pencil and got me to get one myself.
I was very impressed by the colour and as I’ve already been using the Natural Eyebrow Designer, I must say I really like it.

Once I put that into my basket I turned around and was pleasantly surprised to see a WetnWild booth. Even more so when I saw that they carried the new photofocus foundation and I got two shades, Nude Ivory and Soft Beige, in hopes one of them would match me. Unfortunately none of the two fully match me but I can make them work.

Not long ago I got four shades of the coloricon glitter singles, I really enjoy them and I can’t seem to get my hands on cosmetic glitter here in Switzerland, so they’ll have to suffice for now. Because I really like them I also picked up the shade Binge, which is a deep purple and will look great paired with a bold smokey eye.

While I was at it, I thought why not get another one of their coloricon blushes, as they are my favourite blushes, so I got the shade Apri-Cot in the Middle.

Next door to WetnWild was the Essence booth and usually they carry the same products for a long period of time, at least here in Switzerland. So I didn’t bother looking too close, I did however check to see wether they carry a highlighter I’m looking for. They did not, BUT I discovered they now have single shadows and you can guess what happened then.
I got four shades, 05 cotton candy, 06 raspberry frosting, 07 mauvie-time! & 20 black is back and am amazed by the quality of them. So I think I might have to go back for more.

The highlighter hunting did go on though, Kathleen Fuentes aka Kathleenlights (my favourite influencer), talked about a highlighting shadow by Catrice Cosmetics. I was successful and got the shade 030 1001 Golden Nights and I LOVE IT. It is more on the blinding highlighter side but I don’t mind that at all.

The second to last thing I got was a perfume, which is a big deal for me as I never get  myself fragrances above the price tag of 40 CHF. There was 30% off and so I took the plunge and bought the Hugo Boss The Scent for her. Funnily enough I fell in love with that scent because my friend who went shopping with me that day, wore it on her wedding day and now I get to wear it, relive that day and enjoy the scent.

Last but ABSOLUTELY not least! L’Oréal launched these awesome masks and I already own one of them and use it frequently. So I got myself the one with red algae and am IN LOVE with it. It cleans out my pores in the best way possible and doesn’t dry out my skin at all! I would highly recommend it and will for sure repurchase it as soon as I run out.

All in all I would consider this little roam around the “drugstore” very successful and I really enjoyed the girly saturday with my friends <3!

Take care,


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