I’ve had enough, today marks the day that I have to get on here and rant. These are a few things have been grinding my gears for a really long time now.
Also, I might offend tonnes of you but this is my blog and I get to voice my opinion on here. I won’t apologise for it.

The following is in no particular order.


2. People that abuse other beings are SCUM!
3. Vaccinate your offspring!
4. Sexism goes both ways, STOP IT!
5. There’s no such thing as homophobia, you’re just an arsehole!
6. Being a shithead to LGBTQ+ folks is unnecessary and WRONG!
6. Separating kids from their parents after crossing an imaginary border, IS WRONG!
7. Telling mentally ill people to get a grip, is not necessary, STOP!
8. Bashing people on the way they choose to dress, is WRONG!
9. If something doesn’t pose a threat to you, stop making negative comments on it!
10. NOT all men/women are the same, so stop saying that. Also gender roles are outdated!
11. Police personell needs to be schooled on the amount of power they have and how NOT TO abuse it.
12. Guns kill people.
13. Think before you speak, ALWAYS!
14. Blaming the victim makes you a right arse and a huge part of the problem.
15. Not wanting kids is just as ok as wanting to have kids.
16. Electric cars are nowhere near as bad for the environment as fossil fuelled cars. Not even if the electricity is produced by a coal mine.
17. Stop ridiculing people for their dietary choices, it’s none of your business.
18. Nipples do not pose a threat, so free them.
19. Yes, getting tattooed does hurt, no I won’t regret them when I’m old.
20. Your body your choices, their bodies their choices.
21. Global warming is REAL.
22. Keep your belief in God, I DO NOT WANT IT!
23. If your motto is: Treat others the way you’d want to be treated.
Don’t just say it LIVE BY IT.

Here you go, only a few things that have been getting me all worked up lately more than ever.

A little update in general:

I’m still really struggling with my mental health and can’t seem to find a therapist that has time or suits my needs.
Moving to Aarau has helped a lot though.
I’ve found a new love, PLANTS.
Makeup is still a passion of mine, just my mind isn’t in the right frame for it currently.
I started bullet journaling.
If you’re curious what I’m up to, I keep my Instagram-stories up to date, so you’ll find me there.

Take care,


Topics I’m passionate about

Hi peeps!

I won’t get into why I’ve been gone I guess you’ll be able to figure that out yourself if you’ve read my last blogpost.

Right, lately I have been confronted with lots of people who have decided to share their ways with me. I’m really happy they have as this has lead me to create a new series on my blog.
The topics these people have approached me with are very likely to get a lot of people to feel extremely butthurt. I won’t apologize for it because if you do get butthurt over these kinds of topics it’s very likely you’re one of the people that think negatively about them.

The topics I’d like to discuss are very dear to my heart and I stand by them 100% and I do in no way falter when people make me feel bad for doing so.

First and foremost, I’m a caucasian, female (by sex and identification) so therefore cisgender & hetero 22 year old HUMAN.

The topics I’ll get into detail about will be:

-maybe there’ll be another miscellaneous one as well

Now that I’ve broken to you what I would like to write about, I would like to tell you what’s going on with the makeup side of things, as that’s why I created this platform in the first place.
Well, if you follow me on Instagram then you’ll have noticed that I A – changed my feed to a layout that is incredibly hard to keep up with and B – have not posted in over a month.
This also means that I have not put on a full beat face in over a month and I miss it terribly. However I cannot keep the theme I currently have going and I feel stupid if I change it YET AGAIN.
I do think I have to do it though as I really want to start posting again but without the pressure of creating 9 pictures for a look rather than just 3.

If you don’t feel comfortable with me blogging about more sensitive topics that’s totally fine by me and you’re welcome to unsubscribe from my newsletter list.
I value the time you spend readying my posts immensely and don’t want you to feel like you wasted you’re time while doing so.
In case you do decide to unsubscribe, thank you for having been here up until now.

This is the end of this totally random post.

Take care,



What’s up?!

Hi you!

Well let’s say I’ve been gone for a long time and it’s getting kind of repetitive saying this at the start of every blogpost.

Let’s get straight to it.

I completed my 100daysofmakeupchallenge on Instagram and was drained. In a good way, but exhausted nonetheless.

After that everything came crashing down, my insomnia hit like never before. The new job I started went to shit and I had to quit, yet again after the 3 month mark. This had me come to the realisation that I’m just not ready to withstand any kind of pressure just yet. That is one frustrating realisation to say the least. The only thing I was ever sure of being wether I was healthy or ot was that I was in fact a reliable person. Well depressionhas gone and taken that away. I’ve been battling depression for more than three years now and am still at the same spot I was in the beginning. If I’m being totally honest I might have even taken a few steps back in the past three months.

My traumas have come to haunt me. Not only do they stop me from falling asleep but they haunt me in my dreams. So, if I am able to fall asleep I’m sure to have a heart stopping nightmare. EACH. AND. EVERY. NIGHT.

You might think, isn’t this a little TMI?!

Well, the one thing I am determined to do is getting rid of the stigma mental illnesses have. It’s nothing less than having a broken leg that stops you from being a mobile as you were before.
Depression can in fact have the exact same effect on you. Not only can it stop you from sleeping, but it can physically paralyse you to the extent that waking up in the morning and starting your day can be the hardest thing you’ve done in a LONG while.

Now that most of what has been happening the past months is out. I want to take the time I need to get back on track. I will be awaiting the birth of the first child of one of my very close friends. He will be who I’m taking care of as soon as she will have finished her maternity leave (3 months in Switzerland). I can’t wait to have the honor to take care of her prescious baby boy and I will do so with passion and dedication. Untill then I will let myself have the time off.

There might or might not be the occasional blogpost.

I’m leaving this here in the hopes you understand.

Take care,


The Androgyny palette tutorial I

Welcome to another step by step post.

This time it is a look using the recently launched Androgyny palette by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. The palette retails for 45$ (US) and contains 10 “neutral” shades.

It was supposed to launch quite a while ago and I didn’t think I was going to get it. His first palette by the name of Beauty Killer, wasn’t my cup of tea at all. But when he revealed the shades of the Androgyny palette I was blown away and got my hands on it as soon as it launched.

I haven’t played around with the bold fun “neutrals” yet so here’s the first look I came up with using this beauty!

Bare face, what else can I say. I just woke up, washed and moisturized my face, had a cup of coffee and here we are.

After getting all that hair out of my face, the first step in my routine is to prime, ALWAYS prime. Especially with my dry skin.
To get rid of by big arse pores I like to use the Smashbox Photo Finish primer and once I’ve applied that I use the NYX cosmetics Angel Veil primer to prime the rest of my skin.

Then let’s carry on by colour correcting. I cannot go without this step anymore. Ever since I started 3 months ago I have loved the results it gives and I can’t see myself ever skipping this step.
I’m currently in love with the L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover palette to correct any redness and the Colourpop lippie stick in Upside Down to counteract my under eye darkness or any other discoloration on my face.

After that I need some glow, so I use the NYX Cosmetics liquid illuminator in Sunbeam to help me out.

Once my face looks like it belongs to a living being I’m gonna apply my foundation cocktail to look like a ghost.
The foundtion that helps me achieve that look is the Perfect Match by L’Oréal (True Match) in the shade 1.5 N Linen mixed with the Becca Cosmetics Backlight Priming Filter.

After bouncing that in with my BeautyBlender I like to apply some of my favourite concealer out there, the Tarte cosmetics Shape Tape. I’ll apply it in all the parts I want to highlight my face or hide any imperfections.

Once I’m done posing like an idiot, I’ll set my whole face using the Wet’n’Wild Coveral powder in the shade Fair/Light.

I’m looking a little flat, so let’s bronze using my favourite bronzer to this day – Hoola by Benefit Cosmetics.

Now let’s all have a little moment of silence for my shattered NYX Cosmetics HD blush in Taupe.

Thank you for your partaking in the mourning of my loss.

Anyway, back to business, let’s bring some colour back to that face, time for blush. I’m using the W7 Double Bubble Blush in OMG.

To make sure my highlight will blind 3-4 people on a daily basis, I like to apply my favourite super shock highlight by Colourpop Cosmetics in the shade Flexitarian as a base for my powder highlight.

Now onto one of my favourite parts, if not my favourite part. THE BROWS! I like mine to be bold and out there so no worries if I look like a maniac for a short amount of time.
I’m loving the Maybelline Browsatin pencil in conjunction with the L’Oréal Brow Artist Plumper at the moment.
If I’m honest, this might be a match made in makeup heaven.

This is the part you’ve probably been waiting for, as it most likely made you click on this post. Let’s dig into the Androgyny palette by Jeffre Star Cosmetics. First up, Safeword, the perfect crease shade for all my fellow fair ladies and gents out there.

After having put that down where it’s supposed to go let’s move on to, Charm.

This warmed up the look quite a bit and it has also defined the crease some more.

Now, next shade. Dominatrix, isn’t only a brown shadow in Jeffree’s line but one of my favourite velour liquid lipsticks of his. Anyway, I’m gonna use the shadow to deepen the outer V and define my lashline.

Frosting is the shade I’ve been most excited about. I’ve seen it swatched, used on Jeffree by LipstickNick and have been dying to use it ever since.

To be quite honest, I expected it to be more “in your face”. Nevertheless it is a really pretty shade and perfect as a shimmery lid colour.

Let’s move on to some lower lash line action, shall we.
Although the name of Military irks me, for private reasons that would be totally out of context if I were to mention them now, I love the colour. I decided to go in with that colour only and none of the crease shades that I used prior on my lid.

That completes the shadow work.
Onto the next part, liner. If you follow my #100daysofmakeupchallenge you’d know of my love for the Colourpop Cosmetics crème gel liners. I’ve used Stomper, Honeydude and Dirty Talk for this look.

Let’s go back to the face for a second. It’s in desperate need for some more highlight. Using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child palette I’ll be able to achieve the highlight I’m going for.

We’re ready for some lip colour. I’ve wanted to stay with the theme of olive green, so I went for Limecrimes velvetine in Trouble.

Last but most definitely not least, mascara. My favourite The Super Sizer by Covergirl on my top lashes and the Perversion mascara by Urban Decay on my lower lashes.

Let me change into something that’ll suit the look.

There we are.

Quick close up on the eyes:

Soooo, I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial using the Androgyny palette by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I’m planing on doing another one using the bolder “neutrals” soon, so stay tuned.

Take care,


Colourpop appreciation post

Greetings 😀

When it comes to eyeshadows I like them to be pigmented, easy to blend, colourful and affordable.
Well Colourpop has gone and done it AGAIN!
Not only are they one of my favourite brands in terms of products but especially when it comes to new releases.
They recently launched their pressed powder shadows and as I am a makeup addicted human being, I got my hands on all of them ASAP.

Each shade retails for 5$ (US), currently you will get a free empty magnetic palette that fits 4 shades, per 4 shades purchased. You also get free shipping on international orders 50$ (US) and over, so you can go all sorts of makeup crazy ;).

Right, you’re probably wondering wether I was dissapointed with the formula and regretted my purchase or wether the total opposite was the case.
If you’ve been a reader for a while now, you know that the later is correct.
Although they do have a lot of kick-off when dipping in your brush, they are pigmented, opaque, blendable and  they have a huge array of colours.

I would recommend them to you if you are looking to try some new fun colours and aren’t ready to spend loads of money on that. I would also suggest getting some if you are in love with makeup and enjoy getting great quality shadows once in a while.

All in all, get themè They’re amazing and I reach for them WAAAAAY too much!

I have organised mine into:

Matte shades…


Made to Last          Bel Air          Fire Fly          Locked and Loaded          Hear me out
I owe You          Running late          Note to Self          Paper Tiger          Wake up Call


Bouquet Toss          Outta Luck          Say I do          The News          Dreamboat


Cute Alert          Get out          Stay Golden          Going Steady          Making Moves
Popular Demand          Top Notch          Criss Cross          Flower Boy          Wait for it


Lost and Found           Take the Lead          Checkmate          Silver Lining
Piece of Cake          Team Captain          Cloud Nine          143

Shimmery shades…


Play by Play          Come and get it          Time out          Pep Talk          Liar, Liar
Just in Time       Save it for Later       You know the Drill       Take it Slow       Let me explain


Game Changer          Up and Up          Sideline          High Strung          Two Much
Goody Two-Shoes          Backseat          Pinky Promise          Double Date           Pretty Cruel

As I told you in the beginning the palette will fit 4 shades if you use it as it comes BUT if you’d like to put in more than just 4 shades like me, I’ll let you in on my secret.

On the day my order arrived I was struck by a bolt of creative lightning. I thought to myself, I have so many shades and not enough room for them in my other magnetic palettes. As I didn’t have to pay anything for the palette that was sent due to the deal they’ve got going on, I decided to go forward with my destructive little plan.
It turned out to be a huge success and I have shared it on various different platforms so far. All my fellow makeup addicts really loved the idea and I realised that I hadn’t shared it with my lovely blog family yet. So, here you are, I hope you can apply it to the Colourpop palettes already in your possession, or the ones you will own in the future.

Talk to you soon!

Take care,


“Drugstore” haul


So without starting like I usually do when I’ve been gone for a while, let’s dig in.

I was roaming around the shops with a very good friend of mine and she suggested we go into our swiss version of a “drugstore”. I obviously didn’t want to let her down by saying no 😉 which ended in me saying yes and spending way too much money on makeup.

I’m not sure wether this brand is available that widely in other countries but over here you can get a hold of BronxColors at pretty much every slightly bigger “drugstore”. They have brought out some new products that I haven’t seen before, which obviously led me to swatch en try out all of them.

I immediately fell in love with their Urban Line beauty stamp & eyeliner, which is basically a felt-tip liner an a beauty stamp. I got the one with their logo which is also the female gender symbol. My friend was impressed by the swatch and also got her hands on one.

The next booth I’d actually never seen before was the one by Benecos, my friend asked me for some advice on a brow pencil and got me to get one myself.
I was very impressed by the colour and as I’ve already been using the Natural Eyebrow Designer, I must say I really like it.

Once I put that into my basket I turned around and was pleasantly surprised to see a WetnWild booth. Even more so when I saw that they carried the new photofocus foundation and I got two shades, Nude Ivory and Soft Beige, in hopes one of them would match me. Unfortunately none of the two fully match me but I can make them work.

Not long ago I got four shades of the coloricon glitter singles, I really enjoy them and I can’t seem to get my hands on cosmetic glitter here in Switzerland, so they’ll have to suffice for now. Because I really like them I also picked up the shade Binge, which is a deep purple and will look great paired with a bold smokey eye.

While I was at it, I thought why not get another one of their coloricon blushes, as they are my favourite blushes, so I got the shade Apri-Cot in the Middle.

Next door to WetnWild was the Essence booth and usually they carry the same products for a long period of time, at least here in Switzerland. So I didn’t bother looking too close, I did however check to see wether they carry a highlighter I’m looking for. They did not, BUT I discovered they now have single shadows and you can guess what happened then.
I got four shades, 05 cotton candy, 06 raspberry frosting, 07 mauvie-time! & 20 black is back and am amazed by the quality of them. So I think I might have to go back for more.

The highlighter hunting did go on though, Kathleen Fuentes aka Kathleenlights (my favourite influencer), talked about a highlighting shadow by Catrice Cosmetics. I was successful and got the shade 030 1001 Golden Nights and I LOVE IT. It is more on the blinding highlighter side but I don’t mind that at all.

The second to last thing I got was a perfume, which is a big deal for me as I never get  myself fragrances above the price tag of 40 CHF. There was 30% off and so I took the plunge and bought the Hugo Boss The Scent for her. Funnily enough I fell in love with that scent because my friend who went shopping with me that day, wore it on her wedding day and now I get to wear it, relive that day and enjoy the scent.

Last but ABSOLUTELY not least! L’Oréal launched these awesome masks and I already own one of them and use it frequently. So I got myself the one with red algae and am IN LOVE with it. It cleans out my pores in the best way possible and doesn’t dry out my skin at all! I would highly recommend it and will for sure repurchase it as soon as I run out.

All in all I would consider this little roam around the “drugstore” very successful and I really enjoyed the girly saturday with my friends <3!

Take care,


Warm smokey eye with a red lip

Hi fellow makeup lover!

I finally had the chance to do a step by step tutorial yesterday while being at home with a fever…

Makeup makes everything better, don’t you think so?

As you might have guessed, it’s Valentines Day, everyone and their grandma have been putting out makeup looks for the occasion, so here I am joining the party :)!

I chose to go with warm tones, are you surprised?!

I haven’t ever done a full look using only the Venus palette by Limecrime so I challenged myself to create a look with only that one palette. It’s come out quite decent if I may say so myself and I would definitely wear it for the occasion.

I started with a clean moisturised face. Spotty and all…

Next I applied my current favourite primer the Angel Veil by NYXcosmetics. It has a way of smoothing and blurring my skin that doesn’t make my pores feel clogged which is a big plus as I seem to be breaking out like crazy…

As I have a lot of redness and blemishes, my next step is colour correcting the hell out of my flaws. Using another drugstore item I love, the Mastercamo palette by Maybelline & Colourpops lippie stick in Upside Down which I desperatly need to stock up on as it’s gonna be taken our of the range.

Now let’s get into the foundation application. I’m utterly in love with the L’oreal Perfect Match at the moment, my shade is 1.5N Linen.

Let’s conceal those dark ass under eye circles! The tarte shapw tape is a gift from a higher power I tell ya! All the hype about this product is MORE THAN true. It covers everything and even sets itself so if you’re not into powder, this is the concealer for you!

I however NEED to powder, my other powdery products just don’t go on the way I want them to if I don’t. My fave powder is probably no secret to you, the RCMA No-Color powder.

As of lately I rediscovered the Benefit Hoola bronzer and I’m totally glad I did! So this is what I did next, I warmed up the perimeter of my face.

NikkieTutorials used to contour with this product for months and I wasn’t ever able to get my hands on it. Now that I own it I get her obsession with it, the NYXcosmetics HD blush in Taupe. The perfect cool shade for fair gals to chisel out their cheekbones.

Now for my most favourite part when doing my face makeup, the brows!

In my 2016 favourites I said I wanted to find a new brow pencil, well I did. The browsatin pencil by Maybelline is a dream come true, not only colour wise but also texture wise. I only use the pencil though, he powder doesn’t really do anything for me.

As I mentioned I’m using the Venus palette today so here’s me posing with it 😂…

I started by putting Divine in the crease and building that up to create my desired depth to the crease.

Next I put Creation in the outer V and built that up until I got the opacity I liked.

It still wasn’t sultry enough so I added some of  the darkest shade in the palette called Icon. By placing it in the outer V and the puter part of the crease I was able to achieve the sultry look I was going for.

As a result of that I took Creation yet again and applied it to the centre of the lid.

Last but not least I had to add some red, so I tooli Muse and packed that onto the innter part of the lid.

Now that I was left with a dark to warm gradient so I repeated that on my bottom lash line in a more subtle way.

I added Stomper by Colourpop in the outer part of my water line and Honeydude on the rest.

Now for some lash action. Covergirl – The Super Sizer & Urban Decay – Perversion

To finish off the look I needed some red lips. Cabernet by Jouer Cosmetics looked like rhe perfect red for this look.

All done!

I hope you enjoyed this step by step blogpost on my idea for a Valentines look.

Take care,


Current focus & what’s to come!

Hi my lovely people!

I’m in a absolute Instagram bubble at the moment. Everything I seem to think about when it comes to makeup revolves around posting my looks on there. I have been doing so ever since New Year’s Eve and have been enjoying it.

However, I have been buying makeup as per usual and have extended my liquid lipstick collection with two new formulas. Which means, I will be swatching and reviewing them on here very soon. I can’t wait!
For those of you who have been here since I did my liquid lipstick collection series, I’m sorry to bring it back again but it’s only two posts and maybe you’ll enjoy them?!

I’m also planing on taking pictures of the makeup looks I create on a daily basis and create step by step tutorial in a blogpost format for you, as I have done twice already.

On another note, I’m starting a new job as of February. I will be slightly busy/tired in the first few weeks but I’ll try my hardest to keep creating and posting on here.
You might not know, but I have had quite a long time out on the work front due to my depression. I did however choose to accept this part time job alongside my work as a nanny. Although I still have a HUGE amount of recovering and therapy to go through to get a 100% healthy. I’m gonna give it a good shot and try my best to get back into the swing of things.
I currently work for a family as a nanny on Tuesday and Friday evening and in February I will be working at a daycare on Wednesday and Friday throughout the day.
I have worked there before as a helper, I covered the shifts of people that were either sick or on holiday. Now I will be co-leading a whole day care group alongside with someone and my best friend works in the same facility with another group of kids. I’m excited to see what this opportunity has in store for me.

Enough of the boring life babble!

Have some gorgeous pictures of the swiss scenery:



I’ll be back with lots of makeup related posts and am aiming on going drugstore shopping towards the end of February and get my hands on some newer products!

I’ll talk to you soon.

Take care,


2016 beauty favourites

Hey 🙂

So, as I don’t have the guts to start a Youtube channel just now and therefore won’t be filming my favourites of 2016 I thought I’d share them on my blog with you.

Here it goes:


My favourite primer to minimize my pores is the BareMinerals Prime Time original. One pump of the product is all it takes and my pores are hardly visible anymore.

I like my primers you see, the Becca Backlight Priming Filter is my favourite to make my extremely dry skin look a little less dry. I use it like crazy and I never thought I would get even halfway through the bottle.

As I have the worst dark circles I need something to colour correct at least a little. I’m not a fan of regular colour correcting products, so I tried the Colourpop Lippie Stick in Upside Down and weirdly enough I love it. I’m not sure wether they’re supposed to be used on your face but haven’t experienced any bad effects on my skin just yet.

Tarte Shape Tape concealer, was BY FAR my favourite concealer this year, even though I only ever got it in early November. I haven’t been using anything else ever since. It’s extremely pigmented, a little goes a long way and the shade selection is great.
The hype is actually justified with this product.

I don’t really use foundation so I’ll leave that out.

Powder, well I don’t think it’ll be a surprise to you but it’s the RCMA No Color Powder.
If you watch some beauty influencers on youtube you’ll have heard of it before. It’s a loose powder in the WORST packaging ever.
I love it to bake my under eyes and set my face, to make sure all my other powdery products sit nicely on top of my skin and don’t skip.

Highlighter… Very hard… I guess I’ll have to go with OFRA Cosmetics Beverly Hills highlighter wheel. My favourite colour in there is the champagne one, but it caters to all skin tones, another reason why I love it.

It’s the one on the right in the picture.

No doubt about my favourite blush, the WetnWild Color Icon Blush in Rosé Champagne. It’s a very subtle blush but that’s exactly what I love about it!

My favourite contour palette is also by WetnWild and I can’t imagine life without it. The MegaGlo Dulce de Leche duo which is perfect for my fair skin, not only the highlighting shade but especially the contour shade.

Let’s talk about my favourite setting spray, I purchased it because I wanted to dabble into setting sprays and didn’t want to go all the way by buying the All Nighter by Urban Decay from the get go.
So I went for the NYX Dewy Finish setting spray, although it doesn’t lock my makeup in for the whole day it does for the most important part of it. It’s fairly cheap and doesn’t irritate my skin.


I also like to prime my lids. The primer that does the best job so far is the Photo Focus Eyeshadow Primer. It’s translucent once it’s been applied and keeps your blended shadows looking perfect throughout the day for a small amount of money.

There is no better liners than the  Colourpop Créme Gel Pencils, at least in my opinion. There’s a huge selection of colours and they stay where you put them, on top of that they are extremely affordable.

If it comes to single shadows I couldn’t name only one so I’m gonna go with my favourite single shadow formula which is, yes you’ve guessed it, Makeup Geek. They have a HUGE selection of shades, their mattes are fenomenal, they have beautiful duochrome shadows and all in all are perfect for the price.

My most used and therefore favourite palette would have to be my neutral XL Z-palette that I put together myself. It’s filled with a tonne of neutral shades mostly Makeup Geek ones so I guess that doesn’t really count as a palette.
My favourite pre made palette is probably the KylieCosmetics Bronze Palette.

My holy grail mascara vise is the Benefit Roller Lash. I just can’t seem to get away from it. I fell in love with it in May 2015 at the London City airport and haven’t been able to part with it ever since.
The drugstore dupe of that would have to be the Covergirl Super Sizer mascara which I do also like quite a lot and use when I’m running low on my precious baby.

I’m gonna include my brow products into this category as well. For about a year now I’ve been stuck in a pleasant brow rut. I keep using the Brow Artist Designer in Deep Brown to fill them in and in conjunction with that the Brown Artist Plumper in Medium Dark to set them in place. Those two products just seem to form the perfect duo for me and I don’t think I’ll be to branch out for another few months.


To prep my lips I like to use the LUSH Bubblegum lip scrub, it not only makes my lips extremely smooth but tastes really good. Although it doesn’t strip your lips from all moisture I need to top my lips off with some form of lip balm. My favourite in that category would have to be Lip Service which is also one of my beloved LUSH products. I’ve turned plenty of people onto that lip balm, it’s just AMAZING.

My favourite lip liners have got to be the KylieCosmetics ones. I’ve never been a lip liner gal, but hers have turned me over and I’m in love with the effect and precision they give.

Lip sticks… Well to me they’re pretty much dead, as they’ve totally been replaced by liquid lipsticks, they’re so much less of a hassel and easy to throw on. Probably why I posted about them for most of last year.

My favourite liquid lipsticks are listed in a blogpost called: My liquid lipstick collection: Top 5, if you’re interested you can click the link and it’ll take you there :).

I won’t list any other lip products as the ones listed above are everything I wore last year and if I didn’t, I went bare lipped.

I think that’s all of the makeup I obsessed about in 2016 and will be obsessing about some more in 2017.

I’d love you to share some of your favourites in the comments so I can check them out. Not only am I very curious what kind of products you like BUT I need to branch out and dive into some new products.

Take care,


Starting 2017 off the right way

Hello everyone 🙂

I wanted to share my last few days with you, as they’ve been filled with lots of inspiration.

Somehow I have been so inspired and I think it is because I have been trying to be myself for the past few weeks. Not only with friends and family but especially with myself.

As I have mentioned in my first blogpost ever, introducing my blog, I mentioned that I have major confidence issues and never really known how to love myself.
Well those two things go hand in hand with my depression that I’ve had for more than 3 years now. Listen, I’m not writing this to get you to pity me or feel sorry. I’m just trying to tell you what I have been changing and that it seems to be working, especially for my creativity & inspiration.

Just before the new year started I told my boyfriend and a close friend of his, that I want to be myself in 2017. Regardless of what anyone thinks and wether it might get me in awkward situations or not. Somehow I have been sticking to that subconciously ever since and it’s made a huge difference already.
There’s this motivational quote everbody likes to recite:

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

I don’t think there could be any more truth to it than there already is!

A very good friend of mine has said this to me in a joking way once, just to let me know what she thinks of me. I know she meant it and the more I thought about it, the more it sunk in and made me realise that I am of worth even if I don’t believe it just yet.

However it has been paying off so far. I have been more creative in the past few days than in the last year in total. I usually love my neutral shadows and they’re even better paired with a nude lip. Although I own a gazillion shadows, I haven’t been as keen on using the fun out there ones as much as my neutrals in the past year. Well, let me tell you that changed on New Year’s Eve…

 This was the look I created and I was floored by the outpour of love on all the platforms I shared it on. This probably fuelled my creative fire even more!

It resulted in this yellow graphic inner corner look with a berry lip. As if that wasn’t enough colour for the whole year I got even more inspired and went all out on the bold colours the next day.

As you may have guessed if you’ve read my blog or followed me on IG, I love red and just had to bust out all the red shadows and bathe myself in them!

As I mentioned in my last step by step tutorial that I posted recently I got the Sony a5100 and all the pictures above were taken with that. So far, EXTREMELY impressed by the quality. If it keepa on performing that well, it might change the way I post on IG an here. It made the tutorial so easy and I enjoyed shooting it, which I’m usually not s big fan of as the pictures used to turn out awful.

I’ll probably write a review on the camera, just not yet, as it’s too good to be true, I’m kind of still waiting for it to fail me… I hope I’m not the only one whi gets thise feelings 😂